November 9, 2012

Entry 15: Taken

Best case senario: His "multimedia company that specializes in artist work" is looking for some nude models.
Worst case senario: It's a front for human trafficking.
Either way... stay far away!

November 8, 2012

Entry 14: Jurassic Park

I've always wanted a dinosaur for a pet... but count me out on the repopulation bit.

November 7, 2012

Entry 13: Unlucky in Love

This belongs on, not on a true dating site. We all think you're an utter creep. Your poor wife.
I can't even make this funny y'all.

Entry 12: Horror Enthusiast

Whatever happened to the simple, "I enjoy horror movies. My favorite is Steven King's It." ? 
Happy Belated Halloween everyone!

Entry 11: Oceanfront Property in Arizona

I read to the bottom, but you know who didn't? Like 90% of the girls out there. Ever heard of TL;DR? Also, as is my gripe with most of these profiles. I don't know anything about you. Your profile is your chance to show your true self. I see you are truly sarcastic and long-winded, but that's about it.  

So I'm back...

Sorry for the delay. Life got a little crazy and I stepped back from the online dating world for a bit. But now I'm back and I have lots of great stuff for you so have no fear! Read on, daters!

September 28, 2012

Entry 10: Profile Win?!

The negative: I don't know anything about you.

The positive: I know you like Batman, and I do too! And it made me laugh in a good way.

Perfect profile? Not at all. But over all I'd call this one a online profile win!