September 24, 2012

Entry 2: T&A

We're all familiar with Facebook and the gratuitous photos that girls take of themselves and post online. I went out of  my way post photos on my profile that were flattering but not super flashy and definately not trashy. No sexy poses, duck faces, or bold clothes or jewelry. Just photos of my everyday self.

Now, I am a female, my everyday self does on occasion show a little cleavage. Tasteful cleavage, not Victoria's Secret ad cleavage. And my favorite necklace that I wear everyday happens to hang in that range also. Completely normal.

Don't underestimate the power that has over men though... as evidenced in this not so subtle and slightly creepy message I recieved.


  1. LOL! I think stupid pick up lines like that are hilarious though :P.

  2. lmao!! I can't believe someone would actually send that!


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