September 25, 2012

Entry 4: Letting It All Hang Out

Online, you get a lot more info right up front than you necessarily would if you meet someone in person. Bachelor #4 tells me up front that he is a professional hammock tester, complete with plenty of hammock photos.
I'm going to go ahead and assume this means he's either unemployed or unbelievably rich. On second thought... based on other aspects of his profile, it's not looking like the second option is the case.
But that's not even the good part. I scroll down to find out more about this guy, just in case he is independently rich or actually employed by Brookstone's hammock department. He had this to say about his hobbies:

Well... I guess this means we wouldn't be spending a lot of time out of the house together.
I think you're right Bachelor #4. These things will never overlap.


  1. Ahaha! That one is good! How do these people expect to get a girlfriend? Do they take nothing seriously?

  2. Oh wow. Do they think it's a big joke?


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