September 26, 2012

Entry 6: Making Progress...?

Today I logged in, and a profile caught my attention. Imagine a John Krasinski type... tall, pretty handsome, great job, and a profile that shows that he is a fun-loving guy. Maybe a bit on the goofy side. The start of his profile has well thought out answers and no spelling errors. A diamond in the rough amid a desert wasteland.

Then we get to the question, "What is the first thing people notice about you?"

I personally think that first impressions are key. Online, this guy was doing a great job. But apparently in real life he doesn't do such a great job.

Puddle of vomit? Where is this coming from? Are you a big drinker who can't hold your liquor? Is this a goofy man's attempt at a joke? I'm missing the punchline. And I don't think John Krasinski would ever joke about vomit in the presence of a lady.

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